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Welcome to Eagle Ridge Golf Club

Joining the Eagle Ridge Golf Club as member gives you complete access to some of the best golf holes in the area along with a number of other incredible benefits. At home in one of Central Florida’s premiere master-planned communities, Spruce Creek, Eagle Ridge Golf Club is a golfer`s paradise. Offering four unique 9-hole courses, Eagle Ridge will enchant you. The Champions, The Masters, The Heritage, and The Memorial courses provide virtually endless opportunities to challenge your game and to enjoy the best golfing experience in Florida.

Eagle Ridge Golf is the perfect choice for your home golf course. Since we opened in 1998, golfers from Florida and around the country have graced our courses and left with unforgettable memories. If you want a golf facility that will pamper your friends and guests, then consider Eagle Ridge Golf Club.

Membership Privileges

  • Unlimited Golf
  • Use of Practice Facilities with Discounted Range Plan
  • All Trail Fees Included
  • Member’s Grandchildren Play FREE after Noon with the Member
  • Reciprocal Play with cart fee at all other Brown Golf Courses
  • 20% Discount on Soft Goods

Membership Pricing

2019 Eagle Ridge Golf Club
Membership Information
Del Webb Residents
Type Fees Break Even  Per  Per Week
    Round Count Person (50 weeks)
Couples FULL
Green Fee:$3000+tax
Trail Fee:$1700+tax
Total Fee: $4700+tax
149 Rounds 74.5 Rounds 1.49 Rounds (Per Person)
Single FULL
Green Fee: $1650+tax
Trail Fee: $1025+tax
Total Fee: $2675+tax
84.7 Rounds 84.7 Rounds 1.69 Rounds
Green Fee: $2550+tax
Trail Fee: $1550+tax
Total Fee: $4100+tax
129.8 Rounds 64.9 Rounds 1.29 Rounds (Per Person)
Green Fee: $1350+tax
Trail Fee: $900+tax
Total Fee: $2250+tax
71.2  Rounds 71.2 Rounds 1.42 Rounds
$12.00+tax cart fee for use of Eagle Ridge club-cart. 
Couples Annual Eagle Ridge club-cart trail fee: $2100+tax
Single Annual Eagle Ridge club-cart trail fee: $1300+tax